Saturday, January 2, 2010

Zapote de Costa Rica!!!

Last night we went out for a typical Costa Rican meal (which was AMAZING) and had the rare opportunity to see Costa Rica's version of "the Running of the Bulls" (which was INTENSE). Don't worry...none of us gringos went inside of the arena!!!

Oh, and Naomi even got a kiss from Eduardo Aguirre, the winner of "Latin America IDOL". All she had to do to earn her kiss was stand on her seat and scream like a mad woman. She even made it on the giant was all pretty entertaining!

Hope in the "Unseen"

by Conway Robinson

Yesterday was yet another day packed with amazing opportunities! After a great night's rest, we began the day with an energizing breakfast and continued with worship and Bible study. As we completed Hebrews chapter 11, the realization and importance of faith in Christ was made clear. It is having having hope in the "unseen." Walking through God's Word, the true meaning of faith was examined through the lives of those who displayed such in unbelievable ways: men like Noah, David and Gideon. It was such tremendous faith that set the pathway for what would take place throughout the day. Today, we would pass out food bags in La Carpio. As we gathered our things to leave and loaded the food bags on the bus, God began to make visible the needs of those around us.

It was today that God had planned for us to go into the "trash can" of Costa Rica. La Carpio is well known for its gang activity, violence, and poverty and is an area with roughly 40,000 people. As we mingled through the small sewage filled roads, burning trash, and yearning eyes we set out to overcome the devil's boring plans and follow Christ's example. It was this great opportunity of realizing that God intentionally chose our team for this specific day and guided us to each home as He pleased. There were seven teams consisting of two individuals from the leadership team (from Los Guido) and three to four Gringos. Each Gringo was responsible for carrying one to three food bags. Tracking through the rough terrain and hot sun, the teams moved house to house. Approaching each house, the two leadership individuals would explain that the food bag they are receiving is "A gift from God". They then would ask them for their time in hopes that they could share God's Word with them. They walked the families through what is called "the bridge" illustration, providing them with the tools to know Christ and accept Him as Lord and Savior. As for the Gringos, it was our responsibility to pray for the homes, individuals, and food bags that were being distributed. God was using the teams to meet the physical needs, and it was our hope that the people of La Carpio would see much more in the bag than just food-we hoped they would see Jesus Christ himself. As we walked house to house, we were welcomed into homes with open hearts and open arms and we enjoyed the friendliness and eagerness of the kids on the streets.

It was a long day in the heat but God provided endurance. It was a day that could have been tremendously "boring" and God made it emotional, exciting, and awesome. It is through faith of the "unseen" that much fruit would come from the visiting of these homes; that what took place wouldn't end after they received the bag of food, but that there would be an eternal influence. Throughout the day God's Word was received, hope became visible, and hearts were restored. It is the hope and prayer of this team that La Carpio would become a place well known for experiencing and living out the Word of God.

Please continue to pray for safety, protection, and guidance for the people of La Carpio as well as the leadership team as they courageously speak God's word to those in need. Pray that many seeds would be planted and much fruit would be produced as our short stay is only part of an eternal plan. Pray for the courage and selfless servanthood of our team as we continue to serve the people of Los Guido and Teracillos. Pray that hearts would be vulnerable to the work that is taking place and that individuals would be receptive of God's truth. Pray that our eyes and hearts would be aware of the opportunities that God is providing us.

Thank You for all your prayers and support.

Friday, January 1, 2010

La Carpio

The team is heading to La Carpio to deliver food bags and to share the Gospel with some of the most impoverished families in Costa Rica. Thank you CBC family for allowing God to use your generosity to feed these hungry families both physically and spiritually!!!

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Our Costa Rican New Year!!!

We just brought in the New Year on the balcony of our Mission House. Fireworks are's incredible! We couldn't find "sparkling cider" so we are drinking ginger-ale and apple juice. Anyways, it's back to the celebration. Happy New Year!!!

Day Three

by Lanaya Light

With our balloon animal making skills, soccer ball, and dulce (candy), we headed out this morning for our last day of VBS in Los Guido. As some of our team walked the area and invited kids to come play with us, the rest of us were waiting with balloon animals. The kids just seemed to keep on showing up!! They were coming from all directions and it was so exciting to watch their faces light up as we wowed them with our balloon creations…or was it the candy we kept giving out? Either way, the turn out was great and the gospel was shared. There was singing and dancing, games, and the sharing of the gospel. At the end of the VBS, Ariel (one of the student leaders) guides the kids through a prayer of repentance and acceptance of Christ. It was amazing to be able to hear so many of the kids repeat this prayer. It was hard not to just sit there and be completely overwhelmed with the work that God is doing here in Los Guido. And then be completely humbled that He has chosen us to help Him do His work here. Wow!

Tonight was a special night at La Finca. Once a year, the leadership team is celebrated for their willingness to serve and share the gospel. It was such an honor for us to be a part of this celebration and just pour love onto these kids who love others so unconditionally. The night is completely about them and Mark and Meg (the missionaries) take the opportunity to serve them as a way of thanking them for all that they do. We played a game of steal the bacon with the kids and then they were served a delicious dinner. We also got the biggest piñata I have ever seen for them! And it was filled with tons of yummy candy of course! The kids had such a fun time trying to hit the piñata and the boys with the rope had just as much trying to keep them from hitting the piñata. Us Gringos and Ticos (Costa Ricans) shared a time by the bonfire eating smore’s and laughing together.

The night ended with us giving out the backpacks that we packed. As each leader from the leadership team was called up on the stage by Mark, someone from our team delivered a backpack to them. You could hear the gratefulness in their voices as they softly said “Gracias” to each one of us. It was priceless to see the looks on their faces as they opened the backpack and looked through all the things they were given. You could see in their eyes how much these backpacks meant to them. People they have never met-that they will most likely never meet, put thought, time, and money into making gifts for them to show them love. It was overwhelming and so rewarding to be able to deliver this small gift to these children of God who do His work so diligently. Mark commented tonight about how this is the one day where these kids are served and the other 364 days they spend serving those around them. Be continuing to pray for this leadership team as they continue their ministry in Los Guido, as well as their other growing ministry areas.

During the backpack part of the celebration, I couldn’t help but stand at the back of the room and be overwhelmed with the faith of these children. They have been called to share the gospel and will stop at nothing to fulfill that calling. They want to no recognition and fully understand what it means to be servant. They know that it is not what they are doing here, but what God is choosing to do through them. My prayer for my team and myself is that we will look at these kids and in turn, share the gospel with the same fervor, that we will be selfless and love unconditionally, and that we will have the right perspective. Its not about what we are doing here in Costa Rica, but that God be glorified in what He is doing here and allowing us to be a part of.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Hola Familia y Amigos!!!

by Kayla Romero & Bryce Koleszar

The day began with another morning of Vacation Bible School with the children in Los Guido, and everyone had a blast. Not only did dozens of new faces arrive at the lot today, but several kids and parents attended for the second consecutive day, which was neat to see. Our favorite activity was dancing with the kids. The whole team really gets into it! It is so cool to see so many kids come from all around the small city to take part in the VBS activities. God is doing so many things, and is touching so many young lives and it's cool to be a part of.

Seeing the conditions people live in, at first can cause us to develop a sense of pity, but when you think about it, we are all the same in God's eyes and He loves us all the same. And through the work we are so blessed to be a part of, you can really see God's love flourishing in Costa Rica.

After a delicious lunch, the boys played soccer and the girls painted finger nails. The soccer game was Ticos (Costa Ricans) VS Gringos, and the gringos took the title 8-7, which made up for our tug-of-war loss. The victory was great, but the best part was seeing two Costa Rican brothers playing with us who had just accepted Christ yesterday after our VBS activities. Those of us who weren't playing soccer or painting fingernails were holding a vocal and music workshop for the worship team and choir of New Life Church.

Today we also went to Hiper Mas, a supermarket similar to a Walmart, to purchase items to make food bags that we will be delivering to some of the most desolate areas in the country. It was awesome to have 9 carts full of food. Everyone was looking at us like we were crazy, initially because we're gringos but mainly because of the fact that we had a line consisting of 9 shopping carts. All in all the experience was so awesome, especially because we know that the food will be going to families in need.

To close out an extremely busy day, the team attended the Costa Rican carnival in Zapote. Several of us decided to brave a couple rides, and it was quite hysterical. We had the hopes of sitting in on a bull-fighting show, but the arena was sold out, so we are planning to attend on Friday. It was a hectic and crazy experience, but all of us are glad that we had the opportunity to attend.

The team is excited for tomorrow, which is the last day of VBS in Los Guido. We continue to pray for the people of Los Guido, Tejarcillos, and La Carpio, primarily asking that God will use us to answers the prayers of these people.

So, that's it for today. We had a blast ministering and playing with the children, and ended the day with a little excitement. Until next time.

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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Time With the Kids

by Eric McClellan

Our first full day in Costa Rica is officially complete and we all had a really great time. Our day started out when we went to Los Guido to do Vacation Bible School (VBS) with the kids. We split into groups and walked the streets to find kids in the neighborhood to join us. We all had a blast singing, dancing, playing games, and spending time with the kids of Los Guido. Sad to say though, we did let our country down when we challenged the Costa Ricans to tug-of-war.

After VBS, we all left to La Finca ("The Farm") to do some work. We all pitched in and sanded down about twenty newly made wooden benches and stained them to match the cross in the church. We even got some more time to play around with all the kids from VBS. All in all, we had a really great day. I already know I'm gonna miss this place and all of kids that we spent time with.

I couldn't help but notice a shift in my perspective after today. The idea of Costa Rica that I had before today was one of a very poor nation. It's easy to stop and look at the conditions in which these people live and wonder how they can handle so much. Vandalism and theft plague the partly paved streets, with trash, stray dogs and sewage everywhere you look. I would have expected that these kids would be struggling with the hardships that they have to deal with every single day, and yet they are completely unphased. Instead of pity for their situation, I felt a desire for what they had. Though these kids live in conditions worse than just about anywhere in the states, they glow with joy and literally live every day to the fullest. I hope I can learn some of that resiliance and think twice the next time I want to complain about something.

Team Photo

Monday, December 28, 2009

Finally Here

By Josh Hager

Well, we're finally here. Following 6 months of preparation, prayer, and fundraising our team of 19 has arrived in Costa Rica. After nearly 20 hours of traveling (including a 7 hour layover in San Salvador) we loaded a bus and headed to the Mission House. This house will be our home for the next 10 days...and a beautiful home it is.

It's hard to explain everything I am thinking and feeling as I eagerly await returning to La Finca. La Finca (the Farm) is located in the town of Los Guido and is one of the primary ministry areas for CLF Costa Rica. Just thinking about the place makes me smile.

Hundreds and hundreds of kids flooding the field for a week of Vacation Bible School. Dozens and dozens of children coming to know Christ for the first time on the cement floor of an old barn. A prayer walk around an empty section of field where now stands the New Life Church of Los Guido. Making tamales with kids on Christmas Eve. Laughter. Tears. Hugs. These are just a few of the memories I have at La Finca AND I am confident that God has even more prepared for us over the next week-and-a-half.

Tomorrow morning we will load a bus and head to this beautiful place. God WILL change MORE lives, create MORE memories, and build even MORE relationships!!!

Please pray for our safety and unity as a team and that God would give us an abundance of opportunities to make His name known!

We Made It!!!

We arrived in San Jose, Costa Rica a little after 4:30 P.M. and are now settling into the Mission House. You can expect an update within the hour.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

16 HOURS!!!

In 16 hours we will be on an airplane headed for San Jose, Costa Rica! We are so excited for all that God IS going to do. Please keep our team, the missionaries, and all of those we will come in contact with in your prayers.

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